Goodbye Summer 2019 as powered by Finally Offline, adidas and Gusto35

Conceptually, Goodbye Summer was designed to keep the creative communities in New York City and Los Angeles engaged and represented at the forefront, issuing a call-to-action encouraging participants to create original content while simultaneously embodying the brand ethos of adidas Home of Classics.

To power this objective, participants were given free rolls of 35mm film courtesy of Gusto 35, Finally Offline and adidas. While UGC was created, Finally Offline facilitated the production of original video content with a selected assortment of influential creatives to inspire others and promote adidas Home of Classics.

The Goodbye Summer 2019 initiative culminated in a community art show in New York City and Los Angeles respectively, ultimately reflecting the multifaceted success of Goodbye Summer 2019.

As the director of copy for Finally Offline, I:

  • Assisted with all content needs for the creative agency, including digital, social and pre-production copy.

  • Created copy for storyboarding materials, as well as scripted content, such as found in the recap video below.

  • Helped conceptualize the creative direction behind the messaging of the campaign.

  • Crafted press releases, mission statements and other miscellaneous assets.

  • Worked closely with the teams at adidas and Gusto 35 to execute this year’s “Goodbye Summer”

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adidas specs 2.png
adidas specs 3.png