New addition

This afternoon, I got tattooed by Nate Osborne at Full Effect Tattoo in Troy.

I wanted to cover up a small tattoo on my ankle I had gotten years prior, mainly because I was not pleased with the inked reminder that I had gotten the tattoo in an unprofessional environment when I was barely old enough to be legally tattooed. Gross. I am going through some shifts with my self-identity and while astrology and my relation to others will always be a focal part of my life and interests, at this chapter, I feel like I've shifted away from that school of thought. I prefer using astrology as a starting point to think about myself and by no means as a definitive, categorial perspective.

I've always wanted a candle or flame incorporated into a tattoo, especially because having a candle burning is part of my creative process. It's subconsciously symbolic to me to light a flame when beginning work and to blow it out upon finishing. It also is a therapeutic element of my life that I learned from my Nana's influence. While she is no longer with us, you can occasionally catch me in a Yankee Candle store seeking comfort, nostalgia and tradition. The smells, the colors, the too-expensive prices. I also love antique lanterns and the one that Nate created for me is a perfect fit for me. Also, since I'm a nerd, I love that my old tattoo, which spelled the word AIR with the gemini symbol, is now hidden, as AIR is a vital elemental ingredient to FIRE. New life to an old tattoo's essence. Again, I am a nerd. 

I feel very fortunate to be able to consider Nate one of my best friends and I absolutely love watching his tattoo and art career grow as the years press onward. We've discussed collaborating on a project in the past and I hope to revisit that conversation someday. I'm constantly inspired by his dedication and passion to his craft, as well as his work ethic. I highly recommend him as a tattoo artist and encourage you to view his website

Thank you again Nate!

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