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KC Orcutt is a music writer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. While studying English and Journalism at the University at Albany, KC worked as a founding editor for the start-up blog Keep Albany Boring and as an editorial assistant for award-winning fashion designer John Patrick, further igniting her passion for the written word. After going on tour with her favorite upstate New York rappers and tirelessly covering Albany's music scene for five years, she began to try her hand at freelancing, expanding her pen game to sites such as Beatport, 12ozProphet and the Source Magazine. After moving to three cities in one year in order to secure her next dream job at BET in 2015, KC now also contributes to XXL, Billboard, Hypebeast, Spotify and more. An enthusiast of her craft first and foremost, KC is inspired by music, art, fashion and people who do things with passion. Happiest working with words and people, KC is eager to see where her career passions take her next.

In her spare time, KC can be found spending too much time on her phone, attempting to cook as well as her family members, traveling, supporting her friends' creative and business endeavors, watching Law & Order SVU for the umpteenth time and discovering new music on Spotify.