Iron Giants Plus One

When Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and Iron Mic (Iron Bar Collective and Mic Lanny) asked me to join them on tour earlier this year, I didn’t quite believe I’d be able to make it happen. Now that 14 days of touring are behind us, I am grateful that things aligned and I was able to join along for the ride, even if I was admittedly asleep for most of the driving parts. We trekked over 2500 miles in 14 days, as far as Watertown, Wisconsin, and worked our way back home, concluding the adventure with a homecoming show at Bogie’s.

During the past two weeks, I posted over at my designated tour blog, Iron Giants Plus One, which made me feel like I had some routine with writing, even though our access to Internet was limited. 

A sweaty tour van full of thank you’s to Dez, Mitch, Graffiti, DePhyant, Tao and Lanny for the opportunity and for putting up with me. I can't wait for the finishing touches on our video, which I extensively helped film. Keep your eyes open for it! And if any of you ever need a hand on the road, sign me up. Tour professional over here. 

Full photo gallery over on Keep Albany Boring and sporadic blog posts on Iron Giants Plus One