Resort 2014 collection from Organic by John Patrick

This week was a whirlwind, to say the least. I will post more photos and updates when I have more time... but for now here's one sneak peek photo by Andrew Franciosa from our photoshoot for the Resort 2014 collection from Organic by John Patrick. The looks were captured beautifully by Mimi Ritzen Crawford and can be viewed on &  


I also had the honor of writing the collection press release, which was shared with all sorts of wonderful media outlets alongside the debut of the collection. 


The cultural anthem of “make art not war” has transcended many art forms and generations, inspiring many creators and visionaries to embody this mantra in their life’s mission and work. ORGANIC by John Patrick’s Resort 2014 collection is inspired by artist Jimmy Mirikitani, who was no exception to this outlook. From growing up in Hiroshima to living in downtown New York, Mirikitani created a visual history depicting his daily celebrations and hardships in his street atelier.

Paying homage to the late artist, John Patrick draws from Mirikitani’s intriguing realm of experiences, capturing moments with a playful approach to bold colors and humanitarian perspective. John Patrick’s Resort 2014 is a collection made with care and produced locally, detailing rich, artisanal floral embroideries, unconstructed clean tailoring and athletic touches. The craftsmanship behind the eclectic mix of shapes and textures creates a new femininity that is curious yet subtle, layered yet light weight. This season’s silhouettes include recycled oxford cotton hooded anoraks, shrunken zip jackets, high-waisted mid-calf full skirts, crop sweaters in the palest pink and icy mint, organic cotton lacy pullovers in lipstick and bold turquoise, crop zip jackets and sexy sweater dresses.