Artist bio for Dead Summer on Sub Bombin Records

Every now and then I'm blessed with the opportunity to help a friend with their artist bio. This type of work I really enjoy because it allows me to be selective with the words I use (quality over quantity) and work to hopefully capture the vibe the artist has. Bios are annoying and difficult to write, and it makes me feel great when we come up with something we mutually are excited about.

As I said the other day in an email, bios are a process, to which the reply was "Anything worth refining is a process." I back that response hard. Anyways, thanks for looking! ‪#‎SupportYourLocalRappers‬

Collaborations often hold an essential presence creatively and in the instance of upstate emcees Devin B and Oz Alone, this pairing came at the proper time and place. Both vocalists found each other through their alternative, off-the-beaten-path approaches stylistically and their eccentricities as individuals and musicians made for a naturally favorable partnership.

While the music of Devin B and Oz Alone falls under the hip hop umbrella, their obscurities within the genre are accessible to listeners and the result is reflective of the musicians themselves – hearty, rugged and original. The authenticity behind these emcees is exuberant and the music finds its strengths in the artists themselves knowing their own genuine voices, talents and perspectives and knowing how to build off of one another productively. While many risks are taken in the duo\’92s debut album lyrically and in the production and delivery itself, it is not just for the sake of taking a risk but more so for the element of storytelling and honest self-expression. There is no need to push further than necessary; Dead Summer takes on its own form through its own acknowledged strangeness.

Dead Summer marks both the beginning and celebration of this new group and project. With production by Gold Travolta, the two vocalists interweave and coexist flawlessly in their debut project, making it clear this collaboration is as smooth and bona fide as they come. Both are going down the road less traveled and celebrating whoever wants to walk in their direction. Devin B and Oz Alone are on the same page in their individual journeys to work towards the next thing, and simply put, Dead Summer is the next thing.

Live on  Sub Bombin Records .