'In Conversation' with Jordan Hill of Revolution Radio, WCDB.FM

This past week, I had the absolute honor of sitting down with WCDB DJ, Jordan Hill, to participate in his "In Conversation" series.

We met up at the coffee shop on Madison to talk shop, much to my pleasant surprise, like old friends catching up. I definitely feel like energy recognizes energy, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to link with Jordan. It's been awesome how more and more this year, I've had interesting conversations about the music and media industry, essentially daily, and I really appreciate being able to learn something new every day. That's what draws me back to hip-hop culture: we share more than music; we share experiences and perspectives, all through a common like-mindedness and amazing soundtracks. 

I had some nostalgia for WCDB, as I have been honored to bless the airwaves back in the day, and I can't help but wonder if more radio opportunities will show up again for me in the new year. 

Thanks again to Jordan for having me and for taking the time to edit our conversation and piece it together in an interesting and charming way. Was fun to listen back to, and I didn't cringe as much as I normally do when I hear my recorded voice. 

Be sure to catch Revolution Radio on WCDB.FM every Friday from 10pm-12am.