kc orcutt, as captured by shannon straney

Scrolling through my iPhoto library and it's no surprise to find evidence that I love taking photos... and selfies. I have very minimal professionally taken photos, if any, and decided it was due time to change that. Luckily, I am blessed with knowing several talented photographers. I recently was captivated by Shannon Straney's portfolio and am still so grateful she was down to take some photos with me. All of these were taken within walking distance of Lark Street, a place I called home for four years. It was nice to revisit familiar city blocks, weeks before I take off on my latest adventure. This year has taught me more about myself than I ever anticipated it to and I feel so blessed that my voice and my goals haven't been lost as I wander these personal, uncharted waters.

As a photographer, Shannon's strengths lie in her ability to capture emotion, rawness and a candidness that isn't forced. Her documentary photography is intriguing, subtle and simply well done. Please take a look at Shannon's work - I absolutely adore her candid captures from the street and am excited to work with her again in the future.