Pig Food Records x Tallboy x Seasons Skate Shop

As seen on 12ozProphet.com.

For the 3rd edition of the ‘annual’ skateboard collaboration masterminded by Pig Food Records and Seasons Skate Shop, graphic designer and illustrator Tallboy delivered strong with a monstrous bacon-wrapped creature dripping in grease, a perfect fit for this project.

In addition to the skateboard, the Pig Food Records roster released a new posse cut, “The Fork and Knife, featuring elsphinx, Alaska, Benn Grim, Dizzo, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, and Mic Lanny, with the production credits going to J57 and cuts by DJ Nate Da Great.

Previous skateboard collaborations featured artwork by Honkey Kong and Jeremy Fish. You can find the board available for purchase here and the track itself here. Don’t sleep on this!

12ozProphet Bonus: Check out our interview with Elsphinx from earlier this summer!