Get to know: Nolay & Nitty Scott MC

The following blurbs were prepared for a feature that never went to print. I love Nolay and Nitty Scott MC, so wanted to repost on my personal blog. Get to know them!

Nitty Scott MC

Nitty Scott MC has been evolving as an artist since she first broke out on the scene in 2010, garnering national attention when her freestyle of Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” went viral. Over the past six years, she’s worked to establish herself as an emcee (a.k.a. prove to the boy’s club she’s more than worthy of being passed the mic). From selling out shows in Tokyo for the first time to her recent campaigns with Sprite to her track with A$AP Rocky and Sam Sparro being featured in Zoolander 2, Nitty has been keeping busy in advance of her forthcoming album, Creature. The full-length project reveals a new layer to Nitty, one that is more focused on her creative expression, and sharing her inspiring point of view, than it is about flexing the now-undeniable fact she’s got bars. Considering now that she’s built a solid foundation, Nitty is free to expand her horizon and produce her absolute best music to date, because after all, that’s exactly the point of all of this.


With over a decade of polishing her craft as an emcee, Nolay has organically become a staple of the grime movement, all without being confined to the UK-bred style of hip-hop. After a horrific car accident nearly stole her life away earlier this spring, Nolay has since been reminding fans that’s not the worst she’s been through, as she expresses unapologetically through her music. An unstoppable force to be reckoned with, the rapper recently released her latest EP, #GrimeGutsAndGlory, further exemplifying both her talents and her staying power. Known for her clever, gritty rhymes, Nolay dives deep into raw and emotional territories, showing her fearlessness in a way that doesn’t ask for respect, but demands it. Despite an impressive catalog dating back to 2004, she finds herself in a space of reinventing and reintroducing, while continuing to push boundaries with each project. With Nolay, it’s all about moving forward without looking back.