Revisiting my poetic side

Some people who know me don't know that I studied poetry in college. It has been a pretty large part of my life but I don't tap into that side of myself enough. Been working on changing that and getting back to the creative and vague writing that I love. When I write poetry, I feel like I'm truly in my voice. Sometimes that's the most difficult part about being a music journalist, is not capturing my voice in my writing. So, thankfully, poetry 10/10 fills that for me.

Here's a new one. [ For more, please visit here. ]


no one wants to be discovered in their living room
eating cereal straight from the box, completely alone
even though, sometimes that’s just how saturdays go

i want to be caught in the act of doing what i love
so i’ll feel i’ve done enough
even when i’m not so sure i’ve done anything at all

even if i show up ten minutes late
pretending time doesn’t apply to me
my swords will be sharp

no matter the ways in which the world changes
i’ll be the one holding onto the reminder that
we must not forget what it feels like to hold a pen
grip the edge of the page and spill