Recap: Swisher Sweets Debuts its Artist Project Pack Nights in LA

Swisher Sweets, America's trustworthy--and top-selling--cigar, is definitely onto something. With the beloved company celebrating roughly six decades manufacturing its flavorful products, it only makes sense that part of their longevity and success is in part from the brand's ability to adapt to the current day. As exemplified by their new events series, titled Artist Project Pack Night, Swisher Sweets is doing just that, once again.

As fans of the cigarillos, cigars and (let's be honest, blunt wraps) packed into Los Angeles' Los Globos club Saturday (July 29) evening, the vibe was promptly set that this was going to be an affair that quite simply, was exactly the kind of party that clubgoers were definitely going to be in the mood for.

With the event complete with a Swisher Sweets-branded red carpet backdrop, special party cups for indulging in top-shelf mix drinks (treat yoself!) and various promotional items, such as vouchers for Swisher Sweets products themselves, the esteemed nightlife hotspot was transformed into a lighthearted activation, further sweetened by a proper soundsystem and a variety of folks blessing the turntables and the stage alike.

The most vibrant and exciting component of Swisher Sweets' new community initiative is, fittingly, its curated live music aspect. For the 2017 events, the company is focusing on providing an opportunity for emerging artists to reach new audiences, while also putting fans onto new music. 

This weekend's Artist Project Pack Night, the first out of the ongoing series, featured a slew of artists, including Jay Vinchi, Ponce De'Lioun, DaniLeigh, Chanel West Coast and Natalie La Rose. Full disclosure, I've only heard of one of these artists previously (I know, I'm not hip), but either way, considering I walked out of the club a new fan of each, further proves Swisher Sweets is finding success in its mission to provide a new platform for artists looking to expand their reach.

From Chanel West Coast's performance being the happiest surprise of the evening to DaniLeigh winning over the audience for what was her first-ever show in Los Angeles, it was great to see how the event's line-up skewed toward having more females on stage than males (a feat Swisher Swiss achieved without putting it on blast that for this event then booked more women than men, an unfortunate marketing tactic many club promoters use).

In between Chanel and Natalie's headlining sets, the dancefloor absolutely erupted, with a high-energy dance party kicking off quite organically and showcasing that the various host DJs were certainly doing their job well. All in all, bravo.

Take a look at some highlights of Swisher Sweets' Artist Pack Night's kickoff event in the posts below.